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Factual Information about Iron

From vital building steel to helping transport oxygen and nourishing plants, iron helps to sustain lives on earth. In plants, the element is vital in making of chlorophyll as it’s an important element of hemoglobin in animals. Presently, nearly ninety-eight percent of refined metals are iron. Most of the refined iron is used in making […]

Different Uses of Iron

Iron happens to be the most common metal on earth. It plays a crucial role in ensuring life goes on, as it has different uses. Classified in Group 8 o

How Iron Works

Even before modern civilisation, iron was still a crucial aspect of life. Toolmakers back in the day were making implements using meteorites which wer

Is Iron the Missing Piece in the Fight Against Global Warming?

The world is facing a common enemy; global warming. As the effects of global warming continue to manifest, scientists think iron, the most common mine

Different Types of Iron

There are two major types of iron, and they are wrought and cast iron.
Wrought Iron
This happens to be the most commonly used, especially by blacksmit

Types of Cast Iron

To get the different varieties of cast iron, the production process has to be changed. Here are the different types of cast iron commonly used in the


Cast Iron Cooking

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