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Different Types of Iron

Different Types of Iron

By on Jan 7, 2020 in Uses of Iron

There are two major types of iron, and they are wrought and cast iron.

Wrought Iron

This happens to be the most commonly used, especially by blacksmiths. It is the purest iron, and before being put to any use, it has to be passed through a furnace. Wrought iron is very common nowadays because of its decorative aspect. It is used to make custom pieces such as necklaces, railings, doors and benches.

Cast Iron

This type of iron is made by smelting alloys with a carbon content of more than two per cent. One of the greatest differences between wrought and cast iron is that in cast iron, no hammers are used. The smelt iron is poured into a mould bringing out the desired shape and design. The high carbon content in cast iron means it is versatile, making it the most commonly used metal in the industrial world. To produce the different types of cast iron, the iron is taken through different heat treatment processes. Unlike cast iron, wrought iron doesn’t have its own categories. The main difference between cast and wrought iron is in the chemical properties.