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Different Uses of Iron

Different Uses of Iron

By on Apr 12, 2020 in Uses of Iron

Iron happens to be the most common metal on earth. It plays a crucial role in ensuring life goes on, as it has different uses. Classified in Group 8 of the periodic table of elements, iron is not only available on earth but also in the sun and stars according to different scientific researches. Iron is brittle, and malleable, but also hard, which makes it one of the most used metals in the manufacturing industry. Some of its uses include the following.

Sustaining life on earth: Think of iron as the crucial link in ensuring everything functions as it is supposed to, from human beings to other essential aspects such as cars and the many gadgets that make life easier and more convenient. Apart from sustaining plants, iron plays a vital role in the human body as it carries oxygen in the blood giving it the red colour. It may not be obvious, but most kitchen gadgets and utensils are made with stainless steel which is a product of iron. Iron is also not a stranger in the medical world as it is used to make some medicines such as ferrous sulfate. In simple terms, life would never be the same without iron.

Construction and manufacturing industries: Iron is versatile; its uses are limitless as it can be manipulated to any form depending on what is being made. Iron is used to make steel which in return is used to create dozens of items from automobiles, furniture, the rods used to reinforce concrete, locomotives, bridges, electricity pylons and even simple things such as paper clips. The list of items that are made using iron is endless.

In medicine: Iron is an essential aspect of human life. Iron deficiency could lead to conditions such as being anaemic. Iron also exists as a dietary supplement and is prescribed to people who have anaemia to assist the body in the production of red blood cells. The supplements can be in different forms; tablets, capsules or in liquid form. There are different types of iron supplements, but all of them do the same job. Iron is also found in foods such as red meats, fish and poultry. Some of the symptoms of iron deficiency in the body include persistently feeling tired and exhausted, and having difficulties in accomplishing simple tasks such as making it up the stairs without feeling winded. Iron plays essential roles in the human body, such as maintaining healthy nails, cells, skin and hair. In pregnant women, iron deficiency could lead to problems such as giving birth earlier than expected or having a smaller baby than usual.

Iron is a crucial aspect of everyday life; the good thing is, that it is abundant on earth.