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Origin of Iron

Origin of Iron

By on Nov 27, 2019 in Types of Iron

Iron’s chemical formula is Fe. It happens to be the most common metal on earth and occupies five per cent of the earth’s surface. Iron has been in use since 5000 BC, but the history of items made from it dates back to 3000 BC.

Notably, meteorites were the first form of iron to have been used by humans in ancient times. But back then, iron was only used for special occasions.

Facts About Iron

  • It is said that one third of the earth is made of iron which is believed to be deep down in the planet.
  • The iron on earth could make three more planets the size of Mars.
  • Iron can be used to make potent magnets as it is one of the ferromagnetic metals.
  • It is one of the metals to be discovered by humans.
  • The Hoba meteorite is the world’s most significant piece of iron in the world.
  • In ancient times, iron was more precious than gold as its abundance was not apparent then.
  • Iron happens to be one of the most crucial elements in brain development in humans; deficiency, especially in children, can cause impairment in learning.
  • Liquid iron circulating deep in the earth is responsible for creating the planet’s magnetic field.
  • The chemical symbol Fe is borrowed from Latin word Ferrum which means iron.
  • Iron was a common aspect of life even in Roman Times.
  • Mixing carbon and iron to make steel was by accident.
  • It has an atomic number of 26.