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Types of Cast Iron

Types of Cast Iron

By on Dec 16, 2019 in Uses of Iron

To get the different varieties of cast iron, the production process has to be changed. Here are the different types of cast iron commonly used in the industrial world.

White Iron: As the name suggests, white iron is referred to as this because of its bright appearance. To get white iron, the silicon content has to be less than 1.3 per cent. Plus, the graphite has to be eradicated. This type of iron is used in abrasion-resistant parts.

Gray Iron: This is the most common cast iron and one of the most used types. It is utilised in products such as manhole covers, cinder blocks and pump housings to mention just a few. It is used where stiffness is paramount compared to tensile strength.

Malleable Iron: This type of cast iron can be obtained by further processing of white iron through an intense heating and cooling process. Malleable iron contains minimal contents of carbon, making it suitable for machine construction among many other uses. It is commonly used to make items such as gearboxes and cylinder blocks. It is an excellent choice as it is resistant to rust.