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Countries Where Iron is Abundant

Countries Where Iron is Abundant

By on Oct 6, 2019 in Types of Iron

Iron mining depends on different factors, but if deposits are anywhere between 56 and 60 per cent Fe, this is good enough for mining even commercially. Here are some of the countries leading not only in iron ore production but also in deposits.

China: This happens to be the leading producer and consumer of iron ore since the country is a manufacturing giant. China also imports a lot of iron ore from other countries.

Australia: This comes second to China. Some of the world’s largest deposits are found in the country, especially in the Western part where over 90 per cent of the deposits are found.

Brazil: The world’s second-largest deposits of iron ore are found in Brazil. Iron is majorly mined in the Para States and Minas Gerais.

India: A while back, India was the leading producer of iron, but it has since been surpassed by China. The country’s largest iron ore deposits are found in Orissa State.

Russia: The country’s iron ore deposits are found in the central region while the rest comes from Siberia.

In terms of deposits, Australia leads, followed by Brazil, Russia, China and lastly India.